Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ms. Sophia at School

Sophia is part Irish, but she does not really know what that means. But she does know what it means to be lucky. Here is what she wrote at school for St. Patrick's Day:

"I feel lucky because I get to walk around the lake."

One of our favorite family activities is to go for a jog around Lake Harriet, or play the beach or play ground at the lake. I am happy that she feels lucky that she gets to do that.

"I feel lucky because my parents give me good schools."

This one kind of blew me away. Adam and I really thought hard about where to send Sophia to school. We sent her to a private montessori kindergarten last year, but the school does not go beyond kindergarten so we had to look again. After looking at many schools, we decided to open enroll in Countryside in Edina, even though we are Minneapolis residents. It was a transition for her to go from a small montessori school to a big public school. She is doing really well there, and I am glad that she feels lucky about her schools.

This is Sophia's story she wrote at school that I thought was so cute:

"I work in a dolphin conservatory. The dolphin likes to get food from me. The dolphin was hungry because I ran out of food. Mrs. Lindsay was at the other side of the dolphin conservatory. She had some more fish. She fed the dolphin more food."

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